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Local Plan and Thakeham update 6 Sept 2021

Following the publication of the Greater Cambridge Local Plan 'First Proposals' last week, here is an update on the status of the Thakeham proposal and where we see next steps - you will find a general text update as well as slides with more detailed background on Local Plan facts and figures.


Local Plan First Proposals and what next for Thakeham

Greater Cambridge Planning Local Plan and South West Cambridgeshire Fact Check

SWCAG Update 26 Aug 2022

The very end of the Greater Cambridge Local Plan Call for Sites period closes on August 31.  This means the very end of the opportunity for prospective developers to make late submissions, which the Planning Authority is required by law to consider.  


Consultation on a new Local Plan begins this autumn, following more than two years' work assessing submissions made to the Call for Sites exercise.  


While Thakeham had assured the local community that it would submit a formal bid to this transparent, democratic process, to date, no submission has been made.

Please see the following links for SWCAG's response, covered in this week's local press.

A mid-summer update

More helicopters: The SWCAG group has had confirmation that yesterday's helicopters over the villages were commissioned by Thakeham as part of its surveillance work.

Still no submission to Call for Sites:  Nothing yet from Thakeham.

The OxCam Arc consultation has begun and runs for 12 weeks.  This national growth scheme was brought in by central government following the 2019 General Election and conceptualizes population and economic growth in the ‘arc’ between Oxford and Cambridge.  

SWCAG’s approach is that the most effective response will be one that engages in an informed and constructive way – let’s make sure we do all we can to help ensure things are done in the best way possible.  SCWAG is currently seeking advice from local planning and environment experts who have offered to support SWCAG’s aspirations to stop the Thakeham development on the grounds that it sits apart from principles of responsible, sustainable and strategic new population planning as established and implemented over decades by the Local Planning Authority. 

You can read the recent OxCam Arc announcement in full on the website. The full consultation documents are also available to view.

Anonymized letter from Thakeham to a local landowner, threatening compulsory purchase.

The letter can be read here.


The Cambridge Independent has published an article about the letter, which can be read here.

Freedom of Information Appeal Denied: 'Not in Public Interest'

Our appeal against the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government's Refusal of our Freedom of Information request has been denied. We are taking legal advice.


The letter can be read here; here's the conclusion:


"Having reviewed this case I have concluded that the Department responded correctly to you and I uphold the use section 35(1)(a) FOIA to withhold this information. I also find it is not in the public interest to release this information at this time."

South West Cambridge Action Group update - 19 May 2021

Next week parish council representatives from the nine directly impacted villages will be meeting with Stephen Kelly, Head of Greater Cambridge Shared Planning, for a session on the OxCam Arc.

We have queried with Cambridgeshire Highways and the private company County Broadband whether the double-triangular road markings seen in Orwell and Meldreth and elsewhere are related in any way their work programmes – the answer is no.

Thakeham’s accounts have been published and are attached.

We are inviting Thakeham to a South West Cambridge Action Group public meeting next month, to address residents and answer questions.  We’ll post the date and a Zoom link as soon as this is confirmed.

Fequently Asked Questions arising from 7 April 2021 public meeting

Public Information Meeting Presentation 7 April 2021

Can Mr Browne’s petition stop Thakeham?  

A petition has been set up by Anthony Browne MP.  It asks South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) to exclude Thakeham’s South West Cambridgeshire New Town proposal from its Local Plan.


At the present time, Thakeham has yet to submit a proposal to SCDC, so there is no proposal to consider.  It had agreed to do so by Easter but this now appears to be delayed.  The ‘Call for Sites’ closed two years ago but by law, late plans can still be submitted until a very late stage, even now – and by law, SCDC must accept late submissions. 


As the Local Planning Authority, SCDC is required by law to consider all planning applications according to statutory processes   If it fails to follow those processes it exposes itself to potential Judicial Review, which in turn can become the basis for an appeal by the applicant (in this case Thakeham).  It is common for speculative developers to seek avenues for appeals, as we’ve seen in Barrington (Cemex) and Melbourn (New Road 199).


Ultimately the Local Plan must be signed off by an independent Inspector, who is appointment by the Government.  


And the Housing Minister has the power to override a Local Planning Authority decision.


Thakeham continues to maintain that it is openly seeking national development channels – new government created channels that sit above and apart from Local Authority processes – to achieve its objectives. These are part of a general trend by Government to centralise planning powers away from Local Planning Authorities. 


Government controlled national development channels could include a ‘Cambridge Development Corporation’ as mentioned by Rishi Sunak in his 2020 budget, or the recently published Oxford to Cambridge Arc, which indicates four ‘opportunity areas’ along the East West Rail central section between Bedford and Cambridge – though these areas have not yet been identified. 


The South West Cambridge Action Group is seeking to understand how far national channels have been pursued by Thakeham, and to what extent they may have been discussed with Government ministers and their departments.  To that end, several key Freedom of Information requests have been denied, on the basis that information would be a ‘distraction’ and ‘not in the public interest.’   Those FOI responses can be found at


Further helpful context setting out the national and local contexts, and the control of decision-making, can be found in this 23 February letter from SCDC Leader Bridget Smith to Anthony Browne.

PowerPoint presentation: 2nd March meeting with parish council representatives 

Freedom of Information responses from Treasury

Requests: “Please disclose details that you hold of all meetings between a) the property development company known as Thakeham (including limited companies Thakeham Homes Limited, Thakeham Client Limited, Thakeham Homes (Southern) Limited) and/or any of its subsidiary companies and/or any of its representatives, and b) Rishi Sunak MP, Stephen Barclay MP, Robert Jenrick MP, Simon Clarke MP and Kemi Badenoch MP from 24/07/2019 to date.” “Please disclose all documents that you hold (including, but not limited to, notes, memos, papers, emails, letters and presentations) relating to the ‘New Town in Cambridge’ referred to in the 2020 Budget from 24/07/2019 to date.”


Response to both: “Release of information would have a detrimental impact…A qualified exemption...protecting the Government’s ability to discuss and develop policies and to reach well-formed conclusions." 


These refusals will be appealed.

Download correspondence

Download correspondence

Freedom of Information response from Cabinet

Request: All correspondence relating to land in South Cambridgeshire between Thakeham and/or any of its subsidiary companies and/or any of its representatives, and Jack Airey, special advisor planning and housing from 01/01/2020 to date; and, details of all meetings between Thakeham and/or any of its subsidiary companies and/or any of its representatives, and Jack Airey, special advisor planning and housing from 01/01/2020 to date.

Response: “Mr Airey held a virtual meeting with Mr Rob Broughton, in his capacity as a member of the Home Builders Federations Future Homes Taskforce, on 3 December 2020. This was a general discussion about how the housebuilding industry can deliver zero carbon homes.” 

Download correspondence


Please feel free to share this new information leaflet, kindly prepared by a local resident.

Download leaflet

Freedom of Information Response - East West Rail

We have now received a delayed response from East West Railway Company (EWR) to a Freedom of Information request; this is provided in three documents. The request was for “copies of any correspondence between EWR Co and Thakeham and/or any advisors, consultants or similar working on Thakeham's behalf for 2020, 2019 and 2018.” 

In summary, the response indicates that Will Gallagher, Strategy Director at EWR, had at least two meetings with Thakeham over a six-month period in 2019, though we have been provided no information about the content of those meetings. The initial email of introduction from Thakeham to EWR includes an assertion about their relationship with Homes England. Homes England is a government agency tasked with accelerating housing delivery, and sits within the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government. It is led by Robert Jenrick MP.

On 8 February 2019, Thakeham wrote the following to EWR: “I write as we are assembling a sizeable potential development on the Oxford/Cambridge Arc. We are moving through legals with land that can yield 10,000-15,000 properties currently and negotiating on further land attached that could see us at 25,000-30,000 units in total. We are in advanced discussions with Homes England to join us as our promotion and delivery partner.” The last sentence is somewhat at odds with what Thakeham indicated to us on 4 January 2021, when they confined their comments relating to Homes England to simply, "Homes England know of the scheme’s existence".  We have written to both Thakeham and Homes England to ask for clarifications and will report any responses.

Download correspondence 1

Download correspondence 2

Download correspondence 3

Frequently Asked Questions 3: Arising from 20 January public information meeting

Freedom of Information Response: Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government

Ministry refuses to release information on new town proposal: 

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request to the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government has been denied, on the basis that information revealed would be a ‘distraction’ and that ‘it is not in the public interest to disclose this information at this time.'


The request was for information relating to a Cambridge ‘Development Corporation’ – a central government vehicle for creating new towns that bypasses normal planning processes.  SWCAG is seeking to confirm whether or not the Development Corporation is tied to the proposal by Thakeham developers.


Notes:  In last year’s budget, Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced the setting up of a Cambridge Development Corporation, but did not reveal any details, including where exactly the new town would be situated. There has been no engagement, nor any timeline published. The FOI response has been shared with Anthony Browne MP and is published here for public information. The decision will be appealed.

Download response

Public Information Zoom Meeting 20 January: Presentation

Frequently Asked Questions 2: Thakeham Meeting

Frequently Asked Questions 1

Public Information Zoom Meeting December 16: Presentation